Difficulties in Searching Pet Friendly Apartments

You may have the friendly pet, such as a dog or a cat that you would like to bring on with you at your new rental apartment. Sometimes bringing your pet to live with you in apartment is just impossible, at that time you had a tough time where to go. Not because of lack of rental options but because you did not want to leave your lovely pet behind. Pets have already been playing an important role in your life. You have the laughter with them sadness with them too. They give love back to you, they are the one, that are just fun to watch and play with, or one that are a true companion you love and pamper like your own child.

Pets are special, they are the part of your family, but not every landlord wants them around you. “Pet-friendly” rental apartment buildings are becoming harder for pet-owning renters to find these days. Therefore, renting with a pet requires attention, diligence and foresight during an apartment search. And, if you are a renter with a pet, you have probably run into this same restriction many times over.

So, if you are a pet owner and planning to shift to a rental apartment in Portland, be prepared to inquire about the pet policy in the beginning. Do not hide any information from your landlord so that there are no last minute surprises for you. Choosing the perfect rental apartment is a good start to the tranquil and stress-free stay.

With the demand for apartment rentals far exceeding supply, it is not expected that property owners with no-pet policies will make exceptions to their rules. This is why; many pet-owners are forced to give up their many loved pets due to going into rental accommodation. Therefore, if you have found a suitable rental apartment, take a chance and inquire anyway. It’s true that a lot of landlords are faced with the dilemma of allowing pets in their rental properties but there are best and suitable apartments in Portland that are redefining the art of fine rental living along with the additional feature of pet security and care in their rental apartments.

Landlords who refuse pets aren’t necessarily pet-haters. They are seeking for the responsible tenants with decent pets taking good care of their rental units. As a pet owner, you want to convince your landlords that you are a responsible tenant and a responsible pet owner. You want to show your landlord that it would be a best thing to have you as a tenant.

There is no need to making dozens of phone calls only to be disappointed with “Sorry No Pets Allowed.” Try a good pet friendly apartment in Portland Riverplaceliving where you can have life with your lovely pets and lead a peaceful life.

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Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment in North Jersey

Finding a pet friendly rental in North Jersey can seem overwhelming, especially in New Jersey’s already competitive apartment market. Here are a few tips to help you find your dream house or apartment and keep your pet at the same time.

Landlords don’t hate pets

The first thing you have to realize is that landlords do not hate animals or pets. Often the reason a landlord won’t accept pets is due to a problem with a past tenant who did not take care of their dog or cat. This makes them nervous about accepting pets in the future. Recognizing the landlord’s concern will help you make your case to him or her.

Wait before telling the landlord you own a pet

When you are making the initial contact don’t make the first words out of your mouth “I have a pet”. It puts the owner on the defensive and does not give you a chance to develop a good relationship with the owner. Wait until you’ve developed a comfortable dialogue. The landlord may like you so much they prefer you with a pet over past tenants they have had.

Have References

If possible have references from past owners. This can be very helpful if the owner is on the fence. Provide the landlord with numbers they can call to vouch for you as a quality tenant. Make sure you’ve let your past landlords know someone will be calling.

Always try to meet the landlord before telling them about the pet

It is very difficult to make a good impression over the phone. The landlord may have already talked to over 20 people. Their first screening process may be to rule out anyone with a pet. You can make more of a positive impact in person. Hold out mentioning your pet until you’re face to face.

Offer an additional pet security

Part of the reason that landlords don’t accept pets is that they are worried about additional expenses they will have to pay once you and your pet move out. This can include replacing carpets, scratched walls and ruined landscaping. By offering an additional security deposit to cover pet damage, you help put the landlord’s concerns at ease.

Do not get down – it may seem impossible but there are a lot more pet friendly rentals then you think

Yes if you own a pet it may take longer for you to find a place. Your selection is limited to those owners who are willing to negotiate or who already accept pets. You may visit a few apartments that are great, only to find out the landlord won’t budget on the pet issue. But you can’t get discouraged. There are tons of pet friendly rentals. Just make sure you add an extra week or two to your apartments search.

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